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Community Recap #10

Gameplay tips, a tanker podcast, a legendary tale of glory, impressive artwork, and more in this week's review!

Urban Warfare

Destruction and victory will bring you the spoils of war!

Florida & Texas Player Events

The Warhawk will be quite active as he travels to two players gatherings in Florida and a meet and greet in Texas!

Update 1.9: War-torn is Live!

War variant maps, achievements and more enter World of Tanks!

Update 1.9: War-torn Livestream

We're joined by our senior game designer as we get acquainted with War Variant maps!

Introducing New Xbox Achievements

With Update 1.9, you'll soon be able to add more accolades to your gamercard with 9 new Xbox Achievements!

Operation Plunder important

Enjoy select vehicle discounts, new bundles and Ops as the battle to cross the Rhine heats up!

Inside the Tanks: The T-72

Check out this special episode of Inside the Tanks straight from sunny Australia!

Update 1.9: War-torn Battlefields

New War Variants of some of your favorite battlefields are coming in the next installment!

Community Recap #9

An in-depth review on the E-75, two tankers put on a clinic, and a World of Tanks music video make the cut this week!

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