Latest Updates

New Features

  • We're bringing you more customization options with the addition of U.S. state flag Emblems!
  • A new Garage filter has been added for you to sort your war machines as you see fit: the "Favorite" tank filter.
  • New map variant: War!  This variant not only changes the look of existing maps but also the gameplay.
    • Siegfried Line - War!
    • Fisherman's Bay - War!
    • Ensk - War!
    • Airfield - War!
  • Your Garage now has additional information in its Help Screen, accessible by pressing “Right Trigger” from the Garage:
    • Platoons
    • Filters
  • Be on the lookout for the new Loading Screen and its spotlight on the Mini-map!

  • New Xbox Live Achievements:

    • Japanese Connoisseur
      • Destroy 5 enemies of any nation with 5 different Japanese tanks. (This achievement is "grandfathered" so you don't have to rebuy tanks you've already sold if you've completed it)
    • Right Where I Want You
      • Immobilize 100 enemies by destroying their treads.
    • Fire On Command
      • Destroy an enemy tank within 30 seconds of another team mate requesting fire on the enemy. 
    • FTW!
      • Kill the last enemy alive or capture the flag for the win 5 times.
    • Hero Of The Day
      • Earn 20 or more ribbons in a match. Excludes enemy damaged ribbons.
    • Invader
      • Capture the maximum number of points from the enemy base, not less than 80, 3 times.
    • Defender
      • Reduce the amount of enemy capture points on a friendly base by 70 or more 3 times.
    • It Burns!
      • Set two enemies on fire within one play session.
    • Friends And Enemies
      • While in a platoon, destroy an enemy tank that is in a platoon.

New Maps

  • 4 War Variant Maps:
    • Siegfried Line
    • Fisherman's Bay
    • Ensk
    • Airfield
  • 1 New Weather Variant Map:
    • Widepark - Rain
  • 2 New Modes for Komarin:
    • Assault 
    • Encounter

Major Changes

Sticky Radial Menu commands: less flicking, more sticking! This should make it easier to select Radial Commands on different pages. 

Updated muzzle flashes! 9 sizes up from 2

At the community's request, the map requirements for Maximum Overdrive and Not In MY House achievements have been removed.


Community request: added a package to the T-43: "85mm D5T-85BM" . You can research and acquire the T-44 without having to upgrade the T-43's engine!


Communication Radial loading screen updated to reflect recent changes.

Technical Engineer medals now trigger the celebration in the Garage when they are earned!

New tank notification for tanks with no battles played. Will not affect tier 1 tanks.

Crew priority now properly takes into account how many skills/perks they have to indicate which is the best choice.

Performance increased when switching tanks.

Toned down the green color on tank stat bars. Not as radioactive now.

The consumables sub-menu has been renamed to "Supplies."


Spawn Point changes for balance:

  • Province - Standard and Encounter
  • Karelia - Encounter
  • Redshire - Encounter
  • Westfield - Assault and Encounter
  • Highway - Encounter
  • Live Oaks - Encounter
  • Pacific Island

Capture Point changes for balance:

  • Pacific Island

Updated tread FX

Updated fire FX

"Turn off HUD" now turns off all ALL of the HUD - Streaming Community request

Community request: improved, less flashy "Attention to Cell" animation (map pings).

Teammate hits now give feedback as a ricochet instead of nothing. This does not count toward any global stat except shots fired.

New topographical Mini-maps added to match the terrain and object changes in the following maps:

  • Mines
  • Widepark
  • Arctic Region
  • Erlenberg

"Bounce" text changed to icon

Fixed an issue where the bounce FX would trigger although component damage is done.


Updated pitch randomization for better sounding SFX.

T23 gun fire sounds volume reduced.

Additional Changes


 Art fixes for the following tanks:

  • Pz. II
  • VK 45.02 A
  • Pz 38 kpfw nA
  • VK 30.02 D
  • T-34-88
  • FCM 50t
  • Pz V Panther
  • Renault FT
  • S35
  • Matilda
  • Chi-He
  • Chi-Nu
  • Grille
  • M2 Light
  • M3 Stuart
  • Pz 38 (t)
  • FV 3805
  • FV4202
  • M4A3E8
  • B1
  • VK 28.01
  • Panther/M10
  • T7 Combat Car
  • Chi-Ri
  • M24 Chaffee
  • T-43
  • Tortoise
  • T54E1
  • Jg.Pz. E-100
  • Ha-Go
  • Chi-Ha
  • M5 Stuart

Fixed an error in one German Urban camouflage.


The "camera rain" will no longer turn off when leaving a zoomed camera.

Fixed a rare issue of allied tank icons not fading gray if destroyed before they've reconnected to the match.

Autoloader shell indicator will now successfully change colors when low.

When playing in 4:3, the overview map will no longer be overlapping other elements.

Resolved an issue with the Mini-map being cut off when playing in 4:3.

Artillery impact dots now respect colorblind mode!

Community request: Mini-map art and size improvements.

Fixed an issue where some HUD text would still be present when turning HUD off.

Removed the oil splat from behind the tutorial text.

Removed text cues from HUD on ricochets and replaced with an icon.

Removed text cues from HUD on ammo rack explosion. Kept icon.

Removed text cues from HUD on fire start. Kept icon.

Community request: faded the reload timer out whenever it's constant. It will fade in and change if the reload number is changed due to crew injury or component damage.

Slightly smaller text size for kill feed and tank name plates.

Slight performance increase from removed transparent elements in the HUD.

Slight performance increase from removing Anti-Aliasing in the Mini-map.

Fixed a rare case where Arty shot travel time would round incorrectly.


In the log tab, the legend should now properly say "View Battle" instead of "Last Battle".

The 'A' button will now only show up for battles in the log tab if they are accessible.

Fixed the penetration value for some Japanese guns that showed too many decimal places.

Resolved a rare case when researching tanks that would show packages from the previous tank in the wrong package menu.

Equipment descriptions with two or more lines should now show the full description.

That pesky orange square in battle queue has been eliminated!

Sometimes lines between packages and tanks would disappear after changing safe zones; resolved.

Implemented a fix for store bundles losing art when tabbing away sometimes.

Fixed a rare case of a controls lock when purchasing a tank right as a player joins the platoon.

Added ability to quickly quit from the minigame title screen by pressing "B".

Improvements to the Log tab recording transactions

Ops tab UI fixes for overlaps and truncations.

Fixed a rare case where selling tanks would show the wrong text in the stats area.

First win multiplier is now hidden when a tank is not ready for battle (Downloading, In Battle).

Fix to dim scroll arrows in the Garage reel when the filter modifier is up.

Fix to stat bars that would show the incorrect tank's stats when researching or assigning crews to a newly acquired tank.

Main sub-menu and customization sub-menu reels now properly dim unselected items.

Correct pictos added to premium tank purchase celebration.

Infinity symbol for bonus Op corrected to be a golden check mark.

Step Achievements are now displaying the class/level that they are currently at in the stats tab.

Store bundles with triple digit discounts are no longer truncated.

Fixed issue where "txtSkillNotification" shows briefly when selecting a tank from the Tech Tree.

Tier numbers on the battle queue screen are aligned properly with the tanks of that tier.


 Art and Object fixes for the following maps:

  • Komarin
  • Murovanka
  • Widepark
  • Ensk
  • Arctic Region
  • Steppes
  • Highway
  • Abbey
  • South Coast

Changes have been made to matchmaking to better fit tanks' tiers to map sizes.


Various Crew UI improvements to text and placement.

New crew skill notification will now always show in the first crew skill slot so it can be seen if a crew has 10+ skills.

Tier of assigned tank now shows on crews.

Fixed crew xp bar on crew training screen to match the newer look.


Self-inflicted splash damage will no longer count as team damage.


Ribbon SFX will now properly mute when "hide ribbons" is checked in the Options menu.

Fix for an issue where fire SFX could stack too much.

Fixed missing navigation audio cues after pressing "X" to exchange gold.


Changed the description for the Call for Vengeance Skill: "Enables the Radio Operator that survived the destruction of their vehicle to report enemy positions for another two seconds. If no Radio Operator exists the Commander must survive for this skill to take effect."

Changed Encounter Mode's "Enemy Base Captured" to "Base Captured".

Several missing characters and truncation fixes for ES-MX, PT-BR.

Jagdtiger turret module string fix.

String fix for Bat-Chat 155-58.

Corrected consumables and equipment strings.

String fixes for some urban camos.

Fix in launcher for Russian that was showing Polish instead.

"Expert" medals now show the correct description.

Fixed a truncation issue in the crew loading screen.

Confirmation strings for destruction of temporary camos are now consistent.

String fixes in basic training.

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