TU 14 Update Notes

TU-14 Update Notes

All player-set control options will be reset to defaults with this update and require resetting. If you have changed any settings, please enter the Options menu to re-customize your settings before entering battle.

The British Are Coming!

There are 19 new tanks for you to take into battle, hailing from Great Britain. Your new favorite medium and heavy tanks are here, along with a devastating array of Tank Destroyers.

Medium Tanks

  • I     Vickers Medium Mk. I
  • II     Vickers Medium Mk. II
  • III    Vickers Medium Mk. III
  • IV   Matilda

Heavy Tanks

  • V    Churchill I
  • VI   Churchill VII
  • VII  Black Prince
  • VIII  Caernarvon
  • IX   Conqueror
  • X    FV215b

Tank Destroyers

  • II     Universal Carrier 2-pdr
  • III    Valentine AT
  • IV   Alecto
  • V    AT 2
  • VI   AT 8
  • VII  AT 7
  • VIII  AT 15
  • IX   Tortoise
  • X    FV215b (183)


  • New tutorial videos can be accessed via the Training screen.
  • Added map: Malinovka
  • Added ability to choose server in the Options menu
  • Added tank class symbols on the matchmaking screen next to labels
  • Improved stat bar readability
  • Players can now purchase Gold-based ammo or consumables with the Silver equivalent
  • Tech tree usability refinements
  • Tank spinner will no longer display forever after bringing up platoon launch screen then going to Garage
  • “Confirm Purchase” works for Buy Premium in all cases
  • Increased readability of Premium symbol for Store tab
  • Ammo will no longer switch from Silver to Gold pricing after a battle
  • Improved volume sliders
  • Medal icon will now appear if player has two of the same Mastery Badges next to each other
  • Icon for Mastery Badges on individual tanks will now display
  • Added notification that colorblind option will be activated after the current battle
  • Reduced floating crosshair when switching in and out of zoom
  • Hit callouts no longer queue up and play long after the hits actually occur
  • Improved message for Complex equipment
  • Created two different messages for leaving battle (before/after destruction)
  • Ammo price now changes based on currency change
  • Switching over to another tab and going back into Equipment no longer soft-locks the game
  • Help overlay no longer causes soft-locks
  • Accepting a game invite outside of the Garage will now take the player directly to the session
  • Players are now informed when a game invite is no longer available
  • When attempting to research a tank you cannot afford, required experience shown is now correct
  • Method for exiting Consumable menu improved
  • The Equipment capacity bar no longer shows being full when you have no equipment
  • Explosion sound when returning from battle removed
  • Interrupting loading into training no longer causes training to reload with no objectives
  • Players will now receive a message that the Platoon leader has gone into queue without them
  • Premium tanks now reflect the correct price in the package view
  • Equipment Screen soft-lock fixed
  • "Platoon/Invite Friends" button no longer visible in the Options menu
  • When set to 4:3 aspect ratio, the in-game HUD elements are now scaling properly
  • Fixed issues with inviting players to platoons
  • Added loading spinner to loading screens
  • Buying the upgrade that unlocks the G.Pz Mk. VI now unlocks it
  • Profile name in overview map no longer displays null
  • Panther II tech tree no longer points to the next tank (E-50) before fully upgraded
  • Spall Liner and Ventilation equipment now available for the correct vehicles
  • Fixed alignment of Gold/Credits icons
  • Fixed Crew calling out several different crew audio calls when attacking enemy players modules
  • Battle Summary Start Time now matches client's time
  • Ammunition counter now updates
  • Fixed overhead map appearing stretched in 4:3 mode
  • Packages no longer zero out and prevent purchases until UI refresh
  • Improvements for low-bandwidth conditions
  • No longer able to repeatedly equip the same upgrade package
  • Fixed tank selling pricing display
  • Fixed M46E2 or M46E3(105) upgrade for the M46 Patton
  • G72_JagdPz_E100: Fixed camera
  • Consumables and Equipment now update when you go from one tank to another
  • German SPG’s now have the Artillery Shell Rammer available in the Equipment upgrade menu
  • Mastery medals now display
  • Improved messaging when selling tanks with complex equipment