First Look: World of Wartrains


Thanks for laughing along with us on April 1st!

Commanders, is proud to announce our latest feature for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition players – World of Wartrains! 

Featuring realistic forward and backward movement along with a patented “on rails” aiming system, World of Wartrains captures the thrill and excitement of being an armored train engineer throughout the mid-20th century.

Existing maps featuring trains have been adapted to allow player-controlled Wartrains to move about on tracks, depending on the battlefield layout.

  • Wartrain drivers will need to check their steam levels as they struggle to maintain momentum without overstressing the engine and boiler!
  • Gunners will enjoy "smooth ride" for aiming, but those gun arcs and elevations are limited, so every shot must count!
  • New Game Mode: Train Domain
    • It’s Wartrain-versus-Wartrain on a special map designed for a Wartrain showdown. We’re pleased to include an artist’s early impression of one of the spawn zones.

It’s time to leave the station and make tracks, Commanders!