Gallery: Soviet Steel

Getting ready to join the recently added Soviet Premium Vehicles, we're excited to reveal the new line of monstrously powerful Soviet vehicles coming soon to World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition! The Soviet Steel update, available next Tuesday, June 3, 2014, will also include two new maps - Komarin and Ensk. Take a look at some of these shiny new war machines in the image gallery below!

Soviet Steel

Light Tanks Medium Tanks Heavy TanksTank Destroyers
  • MS-1 (tier I)
  • T-26 (tier II)
  • BT-2 (tier II)
  • T-46 (tier III)
  • BT-7 (tier III)
  • A-20 (tier IV)
  • T-50 (tier IV)
  • T-28 (tier IV)
  • T-34 (tier V)
  • T-34-85 (tier VI)
  • T-43 (tier VII)
  • T-44 (tier VIII)
  • T-54 (tier IX)
  • T-62A (tier X)
  • KV-1 (tier V)
  • KV-1S (tier VI)
  • IS (tier VII)
  • IS-3 (tier VIII)
  • IS-8 (tier IX)
  • IS-7 (tier X)
  • AT-1 (tier II)
  • SU-76 (tier III)
  • SU-85B (tier IV)
  • SU-85 (tier V)
  • SU-100 (tier VI)
  • SU-152 (tier VII)
  • ISU-152 (tier VIII)
  • Object 704 (tier IX)
  • Object 268 (tier X)