1.4 Red Steel Rain

Red Steel Rain arrives in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition on August 12! This newest content update brings two new maps into the rotation, and a total of 15 new vehicles, including the Soviet Artillery line! We are also introducing a new feature to the game: Platoon Battles. Check out the update overview below, or if you'd prefer to see all of the detailed changes, see the full update notes.

New Maps

Find yourself in new territory with Red Steel Rain, as two new maps are added to the mix. Battles on the urban Port map may even occur on a snowy night. Whereas the new Live Oaks map is rainy.

PortLive Oaks

New Vehicles

In Red Steel Rain, the Soviet tech tree branches off into a line of artillery vehicles, plus the KV-2 heavy tank. Additionally, you'll find four new light tanks added to the German tech tree. Check out the list and gallery below!

Heavy Tank
  • KV-2 (tier VI)
  • SU-18 (tier II)
  • SU-26 (tier III)
  • SU-5 (tier IV)
  • SU-122A (tier V)
  • SU-8 (tier VI)
  • S-51 (tier VII)
  • SU-14-1 (tier VII)
  • SU-14-2 (tier VIII)
  • 212A (tier IX)
  • Object 261 (tier X)
Light Tanks
  • Pz.Kpfw. I (tier II)
  • Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C (tier III)
  • VK 28.01 (tier VI)
  • Aufklärungspanzer
    Panther (tier VII)


Platoon Battles

The new Platoon Battle system is meant to encourage and allow for more team play without splitting up players into different modes, which can make matchmaking more challenging.  With that in mind, we are allowing all Platoons to match with each other in matched pairs.
Some example configurations:
  • 7 vs 7
  • (7+7) vs (7+7)
  • (7+4+4) vs (7+4+4)
  • (7+5+3) vs (7+5+3)
Currently, a configuration like (7+5) vs (7+3+2) is not allowed.
Other details:
  • Platoons can contain up to 7 Platoon mates
  • Platoon sizes of 4-7 will match in pairs in Platoon Battle matchmaking only
  • Platoon sizes of 2-3 will match to fill out Platoon Battles in pairs if available, and match with individual players when Platoon Battles are unavailable
  • Tier restrictions and team makeups are unchanged from Update 1.3

We will be data mining every Platoon match to see the popularity of Platoon size, average Platoon make-up and if wacky Platoons become an issue (for example, all artillery vehicles). Those teams may be fun to try, but will always lose to a balanced team of any sort.  We'll also be looking to your feedback on how we shape this feature going forward!