Update 1.2 Arrives!


Time waits for no tank commander, which is why we're not squandering a second before the release of the World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Update 1.2!

Here's the big content additions to the update everyone will be able to enjoy:

New Maps

We continue to add battlegrounds to WoT: 360, which offer new ways to plan your attack (or defense!) Here's a peek at the two new maps included in Update 1.2:

Fisherman's BayAbbey

Maps in a New Light (or Lack Thereof)

In a first for WoT: 360, maps will now feature different weather variations. For Update 1.2, we've chosen six "regular" daytime maps that will now have the ability to appear in rainy, snowy or nighttime variations, depending. Ever wanted to see Mines a little soggier? How about a thrilling moonlit battle across the dunes of Sand River? While the topography of these maps hasn't changed, these variations nonetheless allow players to see well-run areas from a new angle.

Rain Variants


Malinovka in the rain Mines in the rain Cliff in the rain

Night Variants

Sand River

Prokhorovka at night Abbey at night Sand River at night

Snow Variant

Mountain Pass

Snowing on Mountain Pass

America's New Wrecking Crew

The American tank tree is fleshed out with seven new tank destroyers (TDs), one each from tiers IV to X. This includes the aptly-named Hellcat (tier VI); the formidable T28 Prototype (tier VIII), or the finely-honed powerhouse of the T110E4 (tier X), to name a few. The high-risk/high-reward nature of TDs can be quite compelling, so if you have yet to try one out, this new update marks a great chance!

M18 Hellcat (tier VI) T28 Prototype (tier VIII) T30 (tier IX)

We're happy to roll out another update to WoT: 360 soon after the last, and we hope to provide more beefy content updates in the near future, as well.

For more detailed information on Update 1.2, check out the patch notes

Roll Out!