World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Launch Date Announced

With the game going live, will I need to pay to play?

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is a free download from Xbox Live, providing unlimited gameplay for Xbox Live Gold members and a 7-day trial for Xbox Live account holders.

What changes will I see from the Beta version of WoT: 360?

Beta players will notice the following changes with the move to the live game:

  • In-game progress accrued during the Beta has been reset (earned tanks, XP, Silver, and Gold).
  • In-game purchases have been implemented. New purchases made with both Gold and Silver currencies will be retained on your account from this point forward.
  • Tanks earned during the Beta will be credited to your Garage.
  • Premium Account time earned during the British Invasion Bonus Event will be available for redemption via the new Bonus Code Activation system at Qualifying players will be notified via email with directions on how to redeem their earned Premium Account time.
  • Xbox Live Achievements are now available.

Why the phased rollout for WoT: 360?

We're rolling out WoT: 360 in phases to help ensure stability of our live game servers for the best gameplay experience possible. We’ll be scaling the live service to a full global release quickly, so if you’re a qualifying Beta participant, we encourage you to get ahead of the competition during the early access period.

Why does my account progression from Beta need to be reset?

As is standard practice for online multiplayer games after the beta test phase, resetting accounts will allow all players to begin from a common starting point. During the beta test phase, WoT: 360 was still under development with many changes being made to the balance of the tanks, the progression system, etc., based on player feedback. We are excited to now have the official launch version of WoT: 360 available for release.

Will my account be reset again moving forward?

No. The move from the Beta to the live game will be the last account reset. It’s “game on” from this point forward.

We’re excited to be rolling out live! See you in battle!