Update 1.1 is Here


A host of exciting new features and content is about to arrive in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition! With the 1,1 update comes a collection of brand new vehicles, maps, and a newly revised and fully implemented gameplay mechanic: Crews! Can't wait? Dying for a sneak peek? Read on!


With its winding streets and imposing buildings, the battlefield on Himmelsdorf is a dangerous one. Race to control the eastern hill before the enemy does, or go head-to-head in the courtyard to propel your team to victory. Featuring long, narrow train tracks to the west, you will need to be on the lookout for snipers. Himmelsdorf offers quite a variety of combat scenarios; check it out in the gallery below!


With the 1.1 update, you'll now be able to outfit your tanks with a crew! When you purchase new tanks, you can recruit partially- or fully-trained crew members, represented by a tank commander in the user interface.

By assigning new skills and perks to these crews, you can improve the combat effectiveness of your tank! Crews can be customized to fit your play style by selecting the perks and skils that appeal to your battle technique. The best part:  XP earned before the update is accounted for and reflected in the new crew system.

British Steel

Five hot new rides roll into World of Tanks: Xbox 360 edition, freshly forged from the United Kingdom. Offering an entirely new medium line of tanks, these metal monsters are sure to satisfy your hunger for destruction!

These five British beasts roll onto the battlefield:

  • Cromwell: a tier VI tank bent on destruction.
  • Comet: at tier VII, a force to be reckoned with.
  • Centurion I: weighing in at tier VIII, this tank is a blast!
  • Centurion 7/1: tier IX, all teeth.
  • FV4202: at tier X, this tank is terrifying to the enemy!

Check them out in all their glory below!